Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing Catch-up

Day 26 - Best voice acting.

Wow. This was HARD. Also, yes, I know no one agrees with me. I never have the volume on when I game. I always have tv shows or movies running on a separate screen. That said, the voices in WoW aren't that bad. I usually watch the cutscenes since Blizzard doesn't add subtitles. But basically I'm retarded on this subject so I shouldn't have an opinion.

Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.


Seriously? This must just not be my day. I rarely watch cutscenes. I don't have a favorite. Hell, I barely remember them the next day.

Day 28 - Favorite game developer.

I have to say Rockstar mainly because of Red Dead Redemption and because of my excitement for L.A. Noire (which I preordered yesterday!)

Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

Hm.... I guess this one was a hard one as well.  I can think of  a bunch of games I thought I would love but ended up hating. I usually research the hell out of games before buying them. I guess my answer would have to be the Resident Evil games. When I first started playing them, I didn't like shooting things. I wasn't that fond of zombies. That all changed rather suddenly.

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