Sunday, March 20, 2011

I suggest a new strategy, R2.

Day 17 - Favorite antagonist.

What other reason do I need? He blows up planets! Also, really Soul Caliber? Since when are basic swords unable to be broken by lightsabers?!!

So I promised you a big long post right? Well here goes.

This last week has gone by fast. Isn't misery supposed to make time go slower? I suppose reading sappy vampire comfort books (NOT TWICRAP! I SWEAR!) and talking endlessly on the phone to my amazing boyfriend helps. Highlight of the day by the way was posting Star Wars quotes to each other on Facebook...  So I also went with my mom and her friend to go see a church production of Bye Bye Birdie tonight, which was surprisingly enjoyable. I've also been drowning out the miserable me with Season 5 of House and cleaning my room! I've completely organized my closet and drawers! (Except that one that is behind my guitars because I was too lazy to move it.)

As far as not being all depressed goes, I've been playing a bunch of guitar lately, I've learned a bunch of easy songs since I don't feel like a challenge. White Rabbit, Lovesong (The Cure), and Something is Squeezing my Skull. I've also written about 52394732086 new songs. (Really, its been like 5) That's more than I've written in the past few months. Its really surprising how much inspiration comes from hearing your boyfriend tell you he loves you AND being incredibly unhappy at the same time.

So that's all I have in me tonight. I'm going to drink some tea and then read and go to bed. I leave you with this wisdom.

"Let the wookiee win.”

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