Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boyfriends and StarWars

But of course.....

Day 10 - Best gameplay.

This one was a very hard choice for me, I briefly considered a handful of games, but eventually decided I had to settle on Valkyria Chronicles 2.

Now a few things to clear up.

A. The story SUCKS. Seriously, did they think to themselves "Lets have a game that plays awesome but has a derptastic story?" I'm so over school themed games, none can stand up to Persona for me.

B. I HATE strategy games. Absolutely. Only after prodding me for months did the boy get me to start playing Starcraft 2. This game however was pretty tolerable as far as strategy games go.

C. At least you can skip the cutscenes.

So why did I pick it for best gameplay? Its rather simple really: the leveling system is just basic point based experience, there is plenty of room for customization, it may have mistakes the original had but there aren't any significant new ones, and its a tactics game that even someone really retarded at tactic gaming (like me) could understand.

So as you all know, my boyfriend is in town this weekend. You know what that means right? Wait. Take a step back. Get your heads out of the gutters! That might happen.

It means that for the first time in a month, I get to go to a movie with him. Have dinner. Just lay on the couch and have him hold me close. I get to just be near him. So in the spirit of doing things with each other, one of our friends was competing in a Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu competition and we decided to go support him. It was weird sitting on highschool bleachers again.

Now, those of you that live in Washington need to go to this.

Pacific Science Center Starwars Exhibit

Honestly this looks pretty damn epic. Not only are there interactive things like building droids and levitating things. Also who wouldn't want to go for a ride on the Millennium Falcon?! Yeah, its just a simulator but still! One thing I'm really hoping to see is Leia's slave costume so I can take notes and pictures to assist the cosplay I'm going to make someday.

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