Monday, August 29, 2011

She & Him

Today I'm talking about folk indie duo She & Him.

"She & Him make music for an eternal springtime, when the temperature is warm enough to go riding with the top (or at least the windows) rolled down and the radio turned up. They occupy an alternate universe where the saddest of songs feel as warm as sun showers; the rain may be coming down, but somewhere nearby, everything looks bright."

That's their claim to fame and every word is true. I love listening to them while driving down the road on a sunny day, while I'm in that oh so perfect mood, and also on those dreary days that you wish for even a drop of sun.

She & Him have two albums out and will be putting out a Christmas Album later this year. 

Here's one of my favorite songs from their first albums.

And here's one from my second.

If you have an indie bone in your body this group is for you. Their simple and sweet sound reaches even the most melancholic of souls and makes everything right. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update - Or, Where the Hell Have I Been?

I haven't posted here in forever! I have a good reason though. I promise. I've had to do two factory resets on my laptop in three days. I'm having major issues and I'm too stubborn to go pay for someone to fix it. I've spent most of this morning transfering all my files (again) to my 2TB external and I plan on keeping them there for a while. I'm currently waiting for my laptop to turn on so I'm using my time to make jam. More on that later. So wish me luck and hopefully I'll be back here soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tea Will Rock You!

So Emilie Autumn is holding a challenge for all of us fans so I just had to participate.

"Ok, PRs, here's the #asylumcellnumber challenge: Use this demo for reference. Just recorded it singing into my laptop mic and bashing teacups on the table for the drums. Seriously. Fact. What you do to get an Official Asylum Cell Number: VIDEO yourself singing TEA WILL ROCK YOU and post on YouTube. Send the link to Make it awesome. Receive an #asylumcellnumber. Go forth and rock. Tea-style. (If you already have a cell number, do this anyway and get extra biscuits.)"

So here's what I came up with.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lolita Wednesday: New Swag

Recently I did a bit of shopping and I got some new cute things. I'll do an outfit post in the near future.

First, I traded a pair of BTSSB shoes for this lovely skirt set.

I love the colors because they're perfect for summer and so is the print!

Then I decided to buy this Angelic Pretty Cutsew.

And FINALLY, my new dream dress.
BTSSB Paris Windows

The Joys of Vacationing

So what's my favorite part about vacations? Being able to relax without any care in the world? Being able to go to the beach and actually be able to get in the water? Or is it the fact that everywhere I looked everything was so damn gorgeous?

Really, it's all of these things and the fact that I got to escape home for just a little while and I got to see my amazing cousins for the first time in years.

I got caught up on season 5 of Doctor Who and decided that I like the 10th doctor better than the 11th, I listened to Kai Altair, Morrissey, and Voltaire as bedtime music. I downloaded a couple blogging apps for my iPad and I completely ignored this blog.
I baked cake and scones with my cousins and learned that you should just bake with real sugar. Leave the splenda out of it. (I already kind of knew that but it was all they really had.) I ate lots of good food and enjoyed most of it. (I even tried the Puka Dogs. I'm not a hot dog person either.)

I visited a really nice hotel and I took lots of pictures. And of course, I got a sunburn after only a couple hours at the beach.

All in all, I had a really good 10 days. Even the fact that my flight home left late which made me miss my connecting flight didn't bother me that much. Probably because I got bumped to business class.

Sunday, July 3, 2011



So for those of you who didn't know, I've been on vacation and just too damn lazy to post! I've BARELY touched my laptop actually. Impossible you say?! Well its hard to focus on the interwebs when you go to the window and look at this.

I'll be doing a post about my trip and then its back to your regularly scheduled bloggyness.

That is all.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Video Spotlight: Roll a D6

So if you know me, you know that I love parody's of songs. You also know that I'm a huge gamer nerd. So what could be better than a parody of a popular song that also happens to be about D&D!?

This is where I introduce "Like a D6." If you have a radio and you listen to "popular" channels, I'm sure you've heard the original "Like a G6." I actually have only heard little snippets because really? I don't give a damn. But seriously, this song is awesome.